Collection: Custom Branded Stadiums

Own your very own piece of real estate in!

On the game's launch, there will be 19 stadiums for players to race in, now is your chance to own one of those stadiums and have it custom made to show off your brand!

  • Our design team will work with you to customise your stadium's track layout, billboard logos*, barrier colours and even the stadium seating colors to match your branding!
  • Earn a share of any token revenue generated from races that take place in your stadium, offering true passive-income earning potential!**
  • 5 dynamic billboards in your stadium will serve ads from our partners, you will receive a share of all revenue generated from these ad impressions!
  • Only 19 stadiums will be available upon the game's launch, don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity. 
*Note - All artwork must be approved before use, we reserve the right to reject any content we do not deem suitable for our audience. You must have permission to use any content submitted to our design team.
**Note - Does not apply to Long Jump Stadium or Obstacle Course stadium.
For more information about stadium ownership, please see the whitepaper