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Founder's Pack - Legendary

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  • Perpetual 10% Token Earnings Bonus on all races*
  • Closed Beta Access**
  • Legendary Paint
  • Legendary Tyre Set
  • Legendary Decal
  • Legendary Nitro Boost
  • Legendary Founders Edition Player Banner
  • Perpetual 2% Token Earnings Bonus on all races*
  • 25 x entry tickets in draw to win a custom branded stadium
  • 25 x entry tickets in draw to win a custom branded truck set
Only 500 will ever be minted.

*One Founder's Pack token bonus can be applied per player account. Multiple packs can be added, but only the highest tier pack bonus will apply.

**See our roadmap for when the beta will start

  • All purchases delivered instantly to your ENJIN Wallet

    Your NFTs will be delivered immediately.

  • Help support the game's development

    We are a small, non-funded indie game development team. Every purchase you make lets us invest more time and money to bring you a better racing game experience, thereby enhancing your investment.