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Special Edition Truck Set - Black Carbon

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Made from the finest materials, with the DNA of offroad racing woven right into its fibre. This limited edition truck set will be sure to turn your opponent's heads on the race track...

  • Black Carbon Gloss Paint
  • Black Carbon DNA Decal
  • Black Carbon DNA Infused Tyre Set
  • Black Carbon Ether Nitro Boost
  • 50 x entry tickets in draw to win a custom branded stadium
  • 50 x entry tickets in draw to win a custom branded truck set

Only 10 of these truck sets will ever be minted.

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    Your NFTs will be delivered immediately.

  • Help support the game's development

    We are a small, non-funded indie game development team. Every purchase you make lets us invest more time and money to bring you a better racing game experience, thereby enhancing your investment.