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Custom Branded Stadium

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Own a piece of custom-branded real estate in Block Trucks!

On the game's launch, there will be a limited number of stadiums for players to race in, now is your chance to own one of those stadiums and have it custom made to show off your brand!

Earn a 10% share of ALL TOKEN REVENUE from races that take place in your stadium. This is a great early investment opportunity, as there will be only 19 stadiums upon game launch. 

Our design team will work with you to customise the following items...

  • Your stadium's name*
  • Your stadium's track layout
  • Billboard logos*
  • Barrier colours
  • Stadium seating colors

Receive a share of token and advertising revenue in your stadium. 

Income is generated from any race in this stadium, across all race conditions, including but not limited to sand, mud, snow and tarmac races.

Only 19 stadiums will be available in this pre-sale. 

*Note - All artwork/branding must be approved before use, we reserve the right to reject any content we do not deem suitable for our audience. You must have permission to use any content submitted to our design team.

For more information about stadium ownership, please see the whitepaper
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